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Margaret has been a breath of fresh air joining our Advisory Board.  She has an ability to probe with thought provoking questions not just about our business development but also corporate strategy and culture.  She offers sage advice in a manner that invokes confidence.

– Michelle Wolfe, Managing Director, Meritus Trust Company Limited

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Turn Learning into revenue growth

What you learn today is what you will become tomorrow

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Online courses

It takes a village of gurus to help companies scale up. MAM Consulting, in partnership with the Growth Institute, delivers the type of education that executives of today’s Fast-Growing Companies really need.

One of the programs, The Edge, brings together unlimited access to the best scaling insights from 55+ top thought leaders, like Verne Harnish and Patrick Lencioni in digestible video modules. You can also opt in to receive Daily Business Tips, Exclusive Weekly Interviews and/or Weekly Highlights to help your team grow the business. And you have access to a Community of Scale Ups, leaders from around the world, so you don’t have to go it alone.

In-Person and Face-to-Face Digital Workshops

Margaret will develop customized in-person and face-to-face digital workshops that are specifically relevant to your team’s needs – based on topics that are most important to supporting their success and your business growth.


Types of workshops include:

  • Scaling Up Business Growth

  • Building Lifelong Relationships

  • Account Management Excellence

  • Winning New Business

  • Treating Your Career Like a Pursuit

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