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Executive Coaching

Just like elite athletes and performers need the support of coaches to improve and reach the top of their game – so do leaders. Margaret is the coach that growth-minded executives rely on to become better leaders and achieve better results. She works with CEOs and their teams to manage the chaos and complexity that comes with scale and helps drive leaders to successful outcomes. 

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Margaret is a true professional when it comes to business, leadership, communication, and scaling up. As the chair of my Vistage group, I have derived substantial value from working with her. Margaret's insights and suggestions have been instrumental in helping me to make better decisions, as well as making me a more effective CEO.

Steven Toberoff, CEO, Woolco Foods Inc.


With her background at Ernst & Young and experience mentoring high-level executives, she is an ideal Executive Coach. Margaret's personalized approach and insightful guidance have had a profound impact on my professional growth.

Orin Knopp, President and Founder, Presentation Products, Inc.


Margaret's insightful one-to-one coaching sessions have been pivotal in my leadership growth. She pushes my thinking and practice. She takes the time to understand my unique challenges and aspirations, and tailors her approach to address my needs. Her guidance has helped me navigate complex business decisions and instilled a sense of self-awareness and confidence.

– Stacey Schultz, President, Educate LLC


Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback, that’s how we improve.

– Bill Gates

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